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Our Public Housing communities are in great distress. This is the Year of Jubilee, a time for healing, deliverance and transformational hope.  We are commissioned to be healers, deliverers and ambassadors of hope in Jesus’ name.

We will provide extraordinary outreach resources and support for ministries who adopt NYCHA (NYC Housing Authority) communities.

Adopt a NYCHA community for summer outreach and more!

  1. Pray corporately for the NYCHA community the Lord lays on your heart.
  2. Appoint a NYCHA outreach coordinator.
  3. Email for more information.

Register now for NYCHA permits, support systems and steps to receive resources

 Suggested For Your NYCHA Community

Dear Neighbor,

We’d like to invite you to a community_________________  (BBQ, Festival, PizzaFest, Book Fair, Ice Cream Festival, International Feast…etc). This has been a very difficult year of loss and isolation. We would love you to join us as we seek to rebuild connectedness in our community. 

If you are unable to participate in this event, please know that we are here for you and praying for you. Please feel free to text or call  – whatever we can do to be here for you in this difficult season, count us in!

Please also let us know if you have any neighbors that are in trouble or crisis, together, we can rebuild what has been lost. As we come together in Jesus Name, we believe that our community will become a “City of Joy!”

With Love,

Pastor Jones from “We Love You Community Church”

Address, Website, Phone number

Check out our faith based social service web/app for resources, crisis hotlines and answers to questions about God.  It works on any device – just put it in your browser and enjoy!

Be sure to familiarize yourself with this wonderful E-outreach resource!

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  • I agree to utilize all of these resources for the purpose of sharing the Gospel in word and deed. I understand the goals of Saturate NYC that churches throughout our region would strategically serve together to adopt Neighborhoods, Schools and Housing Projects as their areas of Gospel Responsibility until there are no more sheep without a shepherd in our city. I will also take pictures, videos of the distribution of the various items received and provide a report for Saturate NYC at I will hashtag and acknowledge SaturateNYC through social media and email. I will pray for Urban Hope, the parent ministry of Saturate NYC and Jesus Week and prayerfully consider becoming an Urban Hope Partner through a one time gift or monthly support at *

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