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Parkway Baptist Church
138-23 Brookville Blvd, Rosedale, NY 11422, USA

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Community Festival

Anniversary Day for Teens!

It’s Anniversary Day celebration for teens! You DON’T want to miss this!


Tim Hepburn

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A Brief History of Anniversary Day 

·  April 8, 1816: The Brooklyn Sunday School Union is organized

·  1829: Rally Day parades are first held in Brooklyn

·  1861: NY State Legislature authorizes Anniversary Day as a school holiday in Brooklyn to celebrate the 32nd Anniversary of the Sunday School Union parades (tens of thousands of children march in parades annually)

·  1958: Name changed to Brooklyn-Queens Day because of the number of families who have moved from Brooklyn to Queens·

-1959: NY State Legislature (with advocacy by the Queens Federation of Churches) passes the law authorizing Brooklyn and Queens public schools to remain closed on Anniversary Day
1970’s-2005:  Influenced by changing cultural, family & church dynamics,  Anniversary Day atrophies as a viable city-impacitng celebration

·  2005: United Federation of Teachers negotiates the day off for all NYC students

·  2006 forward: Students in all 5 boroughs get Anniversary Day off from school while teachers are in school as a “development day”.


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