We are putting together the OFFICIAL Jesus Week NYC Documentary!!

Help us tell the Jesus Week Story!

The world is watching NYC this year during Jesus Week. This is our chance to get on the record what God is doing in the streets and hearts of the people in our city.
Powerful grassroots efforts are spreading like wildfire, and the church of NYC is rising up unified …and the lives of the hurting are being transformed.
Please partner with us, and let’s use our gifts to capture some of these life-changing movements of compassion to share with the world!
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Building a Difference…

is a documentary series – and a media ministry – exploring the heart of missions on the local, national and global stage.

We are made up of a handful of missionary artists and storytellers driven by a sincere passion and commitment to use our talents for excellence in ministry.

From the very beginning, our call has been to shine a light on remarkable works of charity, and the organizations behind them, creating volumes of extraordinary, untold stories of how God is using His people to bring innovative solutions and spiritual transformation into some of the most challenging places in the world.

The goal is to share these powerful illustrations as life-changing catalysts educating and inspiring viewers to discover the movements of compassion they are destined for.

Watch our preview of the NYC Missions Story…

and the Building a Difference documentary series and media ministry.

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Mick Richards
Exec. Prod.,/Dir., Building a Difference
Exec. Dir., Saturate NYC / Jesus Week
Go To Nations Media Missionary

1-646-564-6726 • media@jesusweekusa.org