8.5 million people

3.3 Million Households

Almost 300 Neighborhoods

240 Zip Codes

59 Community Districts

5 Boroughs


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All of New York City – 3.3 Million Households – Reached with the Gospel

What is the full Saturate NYC vision?

That 10 to 20 churches, saturated with the love of Christ, would serve together together in every zip code in NYC, to flood their neighborhoods and fill every home with the knowledge of His glory.



Only through a profound Christ awakening will we see His river of living water flow through us, bring healing to our city and our nation.



We believe every home in New York City can be saturated with prayer by a praying neighbor through the Bless Every Home tool.



Serving together in every zip code to ensure that every home, school, public housing community and ethnic group can be reached with the gospel.

With our partner Saturate USA, let’s:

1) Adopt every zip code in the tristate region

2) Receive completely free evangelistic materials

3) Saturate every home in every neighborhood with the love of the gospel

It’s THAT simple.

WATCH our Saturate USA video!


Saturating is EASY!

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1. Sign up to adopt your zip code.

You can sign up right now to adopt your zip code on the Saturate USA sign-up websites – Saturate New York, Saturate Long Island, Saturate New Jersey. There you will even find an interactive zip code showing what zip codes have already been adopted and which ones are still available. This is a great way to encourage your partner churches in other zip codes to jump on board and saturate their area with you!

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2. Assemble your Saturation Packs.

Once your church receives your materials (door hanger bags, Jesus Film DVD’s, gospel tracts), you can hold a “bag assembly fun night” at your church where your members can assemble each gift bag — with a personalized letter or brochure from your local church to your neighbors! Your church’s brochure or personalized letter is very important! This lets your neighbors know who visited them, where to learn more about Jesus and where they can go for deeper discipling.

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3. Saturate your neighborhood.

Once you receive your neighborhood maps, print them out, develop your teams and plan your event!

AMAZING! One team (of 2 people) can hang 50 gift bags on doors in just 1 hour…and 20 teams can hang 2000 bags in just 2 hours. Even more, 25 teams can saturate 10,000 homes in just two 4-hour outreach events. Send your teams out at 9:00 am and regroup at 1:00 pm for a celebration cookout!

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4. Report your success!

Reporting back your completion is very important for measuring home saturation. We want every residence in every zip code to be accounted for. Once your homes have been saturated, you simply report back!

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5. Strategize your church’s follow up.

Follow up is critical to the overall plan of city saturation! We strongly encourage your church to design a follow up strategy – to pray for, develop relationships with and care for the needs of your new neighbors. We suggest four times a year.

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6. Pray revival comes quickly to the New York Metro area!

What does God have prepared for our city on the other side complete gospel saturation, being “filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea?” (Habakkuk 2:14)

Let’s together saturate NY Metro with the gospel – and find out!!!